The skills, knowledge, and expertise needed to track down subjects and extract intelligence from social media and other open source intelligence sources. These professionals have the credibility and knowledge to conduct quick and effective online investigations.

Investigators with an understanding on how to investigate and gather intelligence on top social media platforms, as well as in metadata, digital evidence, email headers, video chat platforms, and dating sites. Not to mention the skills in securing computer and mobile devices for evidence, along with a comprehensive understanding of the legal fundamentals, both criminally and civilly, in conducting social media investigations.

The industry’s elite cyber investigators, trained in advanced and modern methodologies to identify, investigate and solve complex cyber investigations.

The investigators effectively manage complex cyber issues that threaten the assets, information, and people of organizations, corporations, police departments, and government agencies. Most importantly, they have a firm grasp on how to design, implement, and manage a cyber program and team.

Investigators that can identify and investigate cyber criminals, conduct cyber counterintelligence operations, and provide actionable intelligence to mitigate a threat.

This emphasis adds expertise in eCommerce fraud investigation management, online fraud identification, auction & classified investigations, digital evidence collection, developing reports, prosecution, and testimony to validate findings in a global environment.

Focusing on the identification, investigation, and prosecution of organized retail crime, the investigators understand how to investigate instances of ORC at the store level, distribution level, and eCommerce level.

These computer and mobile forensic investigators are trained in advanced and modern methodologies designed to help identify, investigate, and prosecute sophisticated computer crimes.

Leaders understand the importance of leadership and followership, improve negotiation skills and understand how communication style influences leadership outcomes, leverage organizational culture for best productivity and commitment, and more effectively lead change initiatives to advance organizational growth.